FORGIVING THE FRANKLINS is the hilarious and absurd tale of what happens to a conservative North Carolina family after the burden of Original Sin is lifted from them through Divine Intervention.

Before the fortunate catastrophe of a car crash changes them forever, The Franklins are passionless American stereotypes living unfulfilling but picture-perfect lives. Frank's a lawyer, Betty's a homemaker, Brian's a high school football hero, and Caroline's a cheerleader. Not a one of them is genuinely contented in the roles they play.

After the accident, Frank, Betty and Brian emerge from a collective coma, reborn into a life without shame. Much to the horror of Caroline, who escaped the coma, her family's repressed sexuality is unleashed and on display for anyone who'd care to look.

The community they live in doesn't quite appreciate The Franklin's new way of embracing life, which leads to a dramatic conclusion you'll never see coming.

If you're in the mood for a movie that constantly surprises, delights and leaves you thinking when it's over, hop in bed with The Franklins tonight. They'll be happy to teach you a few new tricks.

View the trailer.

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